A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore a beautiful, symbolic and mysterious universe. Discover the astounding secrets that binds you to it.

PiAwk is a small bird-like creature.. somewhat awkward and shy, but bold and curious who loves to dream and explore there..

You will have to venture on a journey to find a way out of the ruined world in which it has been enclosed.


• A unique visual style.
• A story about freedom.
• A narrative with dialogues, but funny reading.
• A monochromatic world (with some touches of color).
• A lot of surprises and secrets to discover by yourself.
• A relaxing but exciting experience.
• Designed for one player.
• Little world physics.
• Play like a bird, with other birds.
• Multiple alternate endings.
• Do things like walk, jump, talk, sing, pick switches, push and grab objects, dance, open doors, hide, ... and much more.

Ø No death / violence.
Ø No hyper-realism / last-gen graphics.
Ø No procedural worlds.


• This is a little demo you can play for free.
• The full game is currently in development.
• Help sending your feedback with this quick test after playing.
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Thanks for playing!

© Created with ♥ by @HiWarp


PiAwk_Linux(demo) x86.zip 66 MB
PiAwk_Linux(demo) x86_64.zip 66 MB
PiAwk_Mac(demo) x86.zip 62 MB
PiAwk_Mac(demo) x86_64.zip 62 MB
PiAwk_Win(demo) x86.zip 57 MB
PiAwk_Win(demo) x86_64.zip 59 MB